Stainless Steel Polymer Coated Inner Gear Cable Black 2100mm x 1.2mm (1pc)


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  • Designed in Australia
  • Ships from Melbourne
  • Prices are in AUD

Similar to Shimano’s SIL-TEC products, this cable has a new ultra-low friction surface treatment. Designed specifically for high-end road bikes.

High quality item that you can trust.

  • High quality grade stainless steel with polymer coating for smoother indexing
  • Size: 2100mm x 1.2mm
  • Can be cut to length with cable cutters, as required
  • Single headed, suitable for gears and derailleurs
  • Made by Positz, designed especially for high-end 10 and 11 speed Shimano road systems: Dura-Ace, Ultegra, etc
  • Made in Taiwan
Weight 85 g


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