Bike Tubes

Although tubes are not really pricey, changing your bike tube all the time will eventually amount to a significant expense. How can you save money on bike tubes? We've shared some hacks to help you keep costs low on bike tubes.

#1. Buy Bike Tubes in Bulk

Bulk-buying has been an age-long money-saving tip. The cost of buying things one at a time will eventually exceed the cost of buying a large quantity at once. The same also applies to bike tubes; buying in bulk helps you to save money on bike tubes.

Aside from the low-cost benefit, having spare bike tubes can save you on a rainy day - when you have a flat tyre unexpectedly. Thankfully, Positz has different tube packs; packs of 2, 4, and 8.

#2. Go For a Cost-Effective Bike Tube Vendor

Some bike parts vendors offer better deals. You can compare the prices of different vendors to find ones that offer lesser prices. But then, ensure to choose a vendor that sells quality, yet, affordable bike tubes.

Positz offers a very affordable price range, with huge discounts on combo packs. For every bigger pack of Positz tubes you buy you save a significant amount of money. 

#3. Consider Tubeless Tyres

Buying tubeless tyres for your bike simply means no need for tubes. Tubeless tyres have the tyres locked to the rim so that it's airtight. They are designed to resist punctures and reduce the "flat tyre nightmares" that come with tube tyres.

Purchasing a Positz tubeless tyre may be a safe choice for you to save money on tyre tubes. However, this type of tyre costs a bit more than a tube tyre.


Applying any of the three approaches will help you reach your goal of saving money on bike tubes. But, for any option you choose, ensure to buy your bike tubes from a trusted bike parts company.