Positz offers international shipping! We serve customers from all over the world including USA. We aim to provide top-notch bicycle parts and accessories to more countries in the future.

However, there are challenges that come with shipping items globally. As such, we created this page to explain to you how we handle international orders. As a local cycling brand in Australia, we use the term “international”  for all orders made outside the country.

We route our international parcels via our shipping partner in Singapore to help us provide our customers with online tracking, reasonable shipping rates and top-notch service. We do everything in our power to provide the best for every customer.

International Shipping Process

  1. When your order is received in our system we begin to process it in our warehouse based in Melbourne (Australia).
  2. Once prepared, your order is sent from Melbourne to Singapore via Sydney. As this is handled by Australia Post, online tracking for this leg of the trip is not available
  3. When your parcel arrives in Singapore, our agent transfers it to Singapore Post’s “SpeedPost” service where they will begin online tracking with a note of “shipment confirmation” (or similar)
  4. Your parcel makes the trip from Singapore to your destination country
  5. Your local postal authority takes control of your parcel and delivers it to your nominated address

International Shipping Delays

Unfortunately, there are some cases when we can’t prevent delays for our international orders. We no longer have control over the shipping process once we hand them over to carriers and they reach local customs or border protection.

Please allow 30 days for delivery. If you fail to receive the item, please email us so we can investigate the cause of the delay. If a delay does occur with your parcel we do appreciate your patience.


  • Please check out the Positz tracking page to get more details on how you can track the shipped items.
  • You can also check your country’s postal website once your order arrives in your country.