This Shipping Times Policy page was last updated on October 16, 2019.

Handling Time

Each item is advertised with a specific Handling Time, an indication as to when you can expect the item to leave our warehouse. During the Handing Time period, your order status may either be labelled as “On Hold” or “In Progress”.

Once we send the order, we will send a confirmation via email. The confirmation email we provide contains information about the products you ordered.

If in case you shopped for more than two items with varying handling times, we may bundle them into a single package. Therefore, the later of the handling times applies for your order.

If you want us to send the items separately to benefit from the earlier handling time, we recommend ordering the items separately.

Estimated Shipping Times – Australia

When browsing your orders in the checkout page of, you can read the estimated delivery time.

The timeframe we provide will provide you with an idea as to when you should expect the item to arrive after it leaves the warehouse. Please take note that the dates are reflected in “business days”.  Any delay in the delivery process is out of our control as the order is with the delivery company.Nevertheless, our estimates are often accurate.

Typical delivery times after despatch are:

  • Regular shipping, within Australia: 2-8 business days
  • Express delivery, within Australia: 1-2 business days

Note that the Estimated Delivery Times and Handling Times are exclusive of each other – one does not affect the other.

Shipping times “Business Days” Definition

Business days are only limited to Monday to Friday. Also, it does not include public holidays in the country.


Once our system confirms your order, we start processing everything to ensure that we get to ship the products quickly.

As such, we do not allow cancellations. For further information, please refer to our cancellations policy.

Do you have any concerns with our shipping times policy? Please reach out to our team right away!