Positz Disc Brake Bleed Kit


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The Positz Disc Brake Bleed Kit is a convenient package which contains all necessary parts to make bleeding easy and have your brakes feel like new again :

  • Mineral Oil 50m
  • 4mm PU tube (x15mm)
  • Reusable syringes (2pcs) 250cc
  • Connectors for M5, M5S, M6, M6L, M6M etc

Additional info:

  • Compatible with Shimano / Magura / Giant / Tektro
  • Designed in Australia, made in Taiwan

Installation notes:

  1. The commonly used braking fluid for hydraulic disc brake has been divided into two series: DOT4 oil and Mineral oil. Please be sure to use the correct braking fluid before installation. (Incorrect oil grade may damage your braking system.)
  2. A professional and qualified technician with correct tools is required to install the kit correctly.

Air trapped in your hydraulic brakes gives you an unreliable system, with a squishy brake feeling. This is where the Positz Disc Brake Bleed Kit comes in. Easy to use and leak-free bleeding of your brakes, quick and super easy.

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Positz Disc Brake Bleed Kit

In stock