Positz Bicycle Mini Bell Easy Fit Adjustable (up to 31.8mm)


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Positz Easy Fit Adjustable Bicycle Mini Bell (fits up to 31.8mm)

A simple but often important item to have for your bike, the humble bicycle bell helps navigate your way through the hustle and bustle of city life: pedestrians, commuter cyclists, vehicles, animals… This bicycle bell by Positz has been designed to do the job. One ring at a time.

It’s loud. It’s lightweight. It’s minimalist – what more could you want in a bike bell, right? The adjustable strap can be clamped around nearly any area of the bike up to 31.8mm – excellent for handlebars or head stems. You can choose to place it on top of your bars for easy access, or have it hidden below for a neat appearance.

  • Lightweight alloy bicycle bell with plastic spring system
  • Adjustable and flexible strap fits nearly all bicycle handlebars, including ‘oversize’ 31.8mm road bike handlebars
  • Quick release design means easy and tool-free to install and remove
  • Can be used on any surface material, including alloy and carbon fibre
  • Thumb lever design for fast and efficient use
  • Simple but effective and loud “ding” tone
  • Rotating 360deg position allows you to find the perfect spot for your bike
  • Patented design
  • Strap fits 19.2 – 31.8mm diameter
  • Weight: 21g (1.13oz)
  • Dome diameter: 32mm (1.26in)
  • Black
Weight 85 g



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Positz Bicycle Mini Bell Easy Fit Adjustable (up to 31.8mm)

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