Positz Boost 1000 Water Bottle – 1 Litre, Black


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Sometimes you just want to carry more water and with the Positz Boost 1000ml Water Bottles you can carry a whopping 1 litre per bottle. These 1 litre bottles from Positz guarantee fast and easy liquid flow.

Holding a 1 litre water bottle full of fluid is a little different to other smaller bottles, so we developed a clever thumb indent for easy gripping. Now you know you can easily take a drink from a 1 litre bottle without fear of dropping it.

Fits all standard bidon cages, but please check frame clearance if you plan on carrying them on your bike.

  • Material bottle: Plastic (BPA-free)
  • Massive capacity: 1 litre per bottle (1000ml / 33.8oz)
  • Large 55mm top opening makes it easy to add sports drink powder
  • Standard 74mm diameter fits nearly all standard water bottle cages on bike frames
  • Valve: Push-pull easy flow valve
  • Colour: Black (with white details)
  • Price is for 1 bottle

Designed specifically for cyclists by cyclists, these 1 litre water bottles can be used for all sorts of cycling: road riding, mountain biking, gravel trails and more. But more than that, you can use the 1 litre bottle for all sports, from the gym to the footy you know you can stay hydrated with the Positz Boost 1 litre water bottles.

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Positz Boost 1000 Water Bottle – 1 Litre, Black

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