Positz Cycling Musette Feed Bag – Plain Black


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One of the most traditional items still used in day to day professional cycling, the musette is an easy to use, easy to store bag designed to carry anything from your day’s food in a long event, to a trip down to the local post office. A traditional, simple but strong item at a great price. A genuine Positz product.

We received numerous requests by people who were seeking to do their own printing on a plain cycling musette bag, but had problems finding the bags in the first place. So here it is…! This listing is for one plain black musette.

Product Features:

  • Traditional cyclists musette feed bag complete with classic 100% cotton construction and shoulder strap.
  • Plain colours: We’ve kept things simple & stylish for the creative out there to feel free to do their own thing.
  • As used by professional cyclists in events such as the Tour de France, can just as easily be used for a quick trip up to the local cafe for a baguette and croissant, or across to the local outlet for the newspaper and milk.
  • Versatile, simple, traditional and durable – this bag is the ideal lightweight ‘sling’ shoulder bag suitable for ‘on-the-go’ cycling and other activities.
  • Unisex design – may be used by anyone at anytime, the only limit is your imagination.


  • Approx measurements: Height 30cm * width 37.5cm * shoulder strap length 100cm
  • All bags are one size only, sorry no other sizes available
  • Button closure
  • Folds up compact when not in use
  • Genuine Positz product
Weight 111 g


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Positz Cycling Musette Feed Bag – Plain Black

In stock