Positz Universal Bicycle Wheel Magnet Suits Standard and Aero Spokes


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The Positz universal wheel magnet is perfect if you need a spare or replacement magnet for the speed sensor on your bike’s computer(s). Use the magnet on your preferred wheel, and buy another for your spare wheel (or on your spare bike)… beats taking the magnet on and off all of the time! Installation is super-simple and can be done by hand, no tools required. Ideal spare or replacement magnet.

  • Universal bike wheel magnet can be used on nearly all bicycles, including road and MTB bikes, gravel and city bikes, kids and commuter bikes – and many more!
  • Compatible with most bicycle spokes including standard and aero spokes (up to 5mm)
  • Designed for all standard round spokes, but will also fit most flat bladed spokes
  • Suitable for nearly all cycling computers, including wireless and wired models
  • Simple to install, no tools necessary
  • Dimensions (approx): 11mm x 13mm

Further information:

  1. What is a wheel magnet used for? It helps provide a reading to a speedo, normally attached to the handlebars. The magnet tells the speedo how quickly the wheel is spinning. From that your speedo can tell you how fast you’re going, how far you’ve been… and so on
  2. Where does the wheel magnet attach to? A spoke, normally on the front wheel of the bicycle.
  3. Is wheel magnet placement important? Yes, it must align perfectly with the speedo sensor on your forks so that it passes close by, without touching, each time the wheel spins.
  4. How many wheel magnets do I need? One per bike.
  5. What sort of bike can I use this on? Just about any bicycle.
  6. How do I know if I need a wheel magnet? If you’re using a speedo that relies on traditional magnetic calculations (ie not a GPS device), you will need a wheel magnet. Consult your speedo instructions for further information
  7. Is the Positz wheel magnet suitable for wired or wireless speedos? Both
  8. Can I just use any old magnet instead? Technically you could, but it’s difficult to safely attach them to bicycle spokes which is why buying a wheel magnet is strongly recommended
  9. Does the Positz wheel magnet work with any brand of speedo that uses magnet readings? Yes, you don’t need to buy the more expensive brand name wheel magnets
    What’s another name for a speedo? Cyclocomputer, speedometer, speed reader, bike computer, odometer…
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Positz Universal Bicycle Wheel Magnet Suits Standard and Aero Spokes

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