Positz Set of 3 Power Steel Reinforced Tyre Levers for Stubborn Bicycle Tyres


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Positz Set of 3 Power Steel Reinforced Tyre Levers for Stubborn Bicycle Tyres


Looking to get more out of your tyre levers? Have a particularly stubborn tyre that just will not come off the rim? Then we have the solution – this set of metal boosted power tyre levers gives extra strength when you need it the most!

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Made of a tough, strong and durable steel, these levers are designed to help remove even the tightest of tyres off your bicycle rim without fail. The protective plastic outer-casing is comfortable and ensures your rims remain protected from unsightly scratches and other damage.

To use, flip the hook under the rim and lever the tyre off. Repeat using the other tyre levers if necessary. Peel the tyre off the rim and put the tyre levers away for next time!

Get one set as an addition to your puncture repair kit, and a second set for your bike tool box!

  • Steel reinforced bicycle tire levers by Positz, these are designed to be strong and durable
  • Compact clip design means you can take them anywhere, with the levers staying together when not in use
  • Easy to use – will help you take off that difficult tire without fear of causing damage
  • Sold as a pack of 3 levers, as photographed – great value
  • Length of around 113mm (4.44in) per lever means they are easy to store in a saddle bag pack, storage bottle or even in your jersey pocket
Weight 120 g




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