Positz Set of 3 Standard Bike Tyre Levers Black


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Positz Set of 3 Standard Bike Tyre Levers Black


An important puncture repair accessory!

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Sold as a matching set of three, these bicycle tyre levers are sure to help you take off your tyre everytime you need to. Sits perfectly in your bicycle tool kit or saddle bag, when it comes time to repair a puncture or change your tyre. These tyre levers will help get the job done quicker so you can get back on the bike and riding! Made of a tough and durable nylon plastic, these levers feature a rim nose at one end and spoke hook at the other. The construction means it is strong enough to help remove your tyre from the rim, but the edging is soft enough to not do any damage to your rim (or inner tube).

To use, flip the tyre off the rim and hook into the spoke. Repeat using another tyre lever, and again if necessary. Peel the tyre off the rim and put the tyre levers away for next time!

Buy one set as an addition to your puncture repair kit, and a second set for your bike tool box!

  • Clip design allows the levers stay together when not in use – compact enough that you can take them anywhere
  • Each set includes 3 levers
  • Length (ea): 110mm (4.3in)
Weight 120 g



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