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Plain Cycling Cap: One of the most traditional cycling piece that remains popular and stylish to this day. Complete with the traditional peak design, we’ve kept things simple and stylish for the creative out there to feel free to do their own thing, so it’s up to you what you want to do with it. We received numerous requests by people who were seeking to do their own printing on a plain cycling cap, but had problems finding the cap in the first place. So here it is..! This cap is suitable for cyclists of all types, whether you’re sick of having logos and designs emblazoned everywhere, or if you want to try printing your own thing. The only discreet logo is that of the manufacturer, Positz, at the rear of the black cap.

How to wear it: As with all good quality cycling caps this casquette (that’s the French term for ‘cycling cap‘) can be worn with the peaking facing down over the eyes or flicked up for extra style points. Feeling extra adventurous? Spin the cap around and wear it back-to-front, then flick the peak up. The choice is really yours. Wear it under your helmet or at your favourite local cafe (we love supporting small businesses too!), wear it how you want but let it be known that this cap is a simple accessory, a favourite amongst cyclists of all ages and abilities.

Frequently purchased by: Cycling groups and clubs; local bike shops and other bicycle industry members; marketing professionals; event organisers; brand creators; individuals who just love the look and comfort of a traditional cycling cap.

Sizing information: Traditional cycling caps are made with one slim strip of elastic around the entire circumference of the cap. The cap is pleated at the rear, enabling it to fit on many different sizes and shapes of heads. Traditional style suggests leaving it sitting pitched up (a method called ‘luft‘) when not on the bike, and when on the bike pulling the cap down so that it sits firmly under the helmet. There are no buckles, straps or loops to get in the way – it’s the simple design of a casquette that we love so much. As a general rule, we recommend the cap will fit most heads 58-61cm in circumference. This is suitable for most adults. At the upper end you may find it slightly tight, at the lower end it will be looser.


  • 100% cotton
  • Traditional peak design
  • One size only (suits most adults, 58-61cm)
  • Price is for one cap
  • Hand wash only

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Positz Plain Cycling Cap