Positz Standard J Bend Bike Spokes and Nipples – Stainless Steel, Silver, 14G/2mm (12 Pack)


Positz Standard J Bend Bike Spokes and Nipples – Stainless Steel, Silver, 14G/2mm (12 Pack)



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Stainless Steel J-Bend Bicycle Spokes and nipples value combo pack. Ideal for a huge range of bicycles, simply choose the length you require for your wheel! The J-bend spoke is a traditional type of spoke. It is characterized by the 90-degree bend in the spoke head at one end, which leads it to resemble the letter J.

  • Standard “J-bend” design spokes are made of a high quality stainless steel, silver in color
  • Diameter: 2.0mm (standard 14G plain gauge)
  • Length: Please select your required spoke length from the dropdown
  • Price is for 12 stainless steel spokes and bonus 12 brass nipples (= total 24pcs)
  • Photo for illustration purposes only

How to Use:

To build (or maintain) a true and straight wheel, you will need a spoke wrench tool* suitable for 14G. Ideally this would be complimented with a wheel-truing stand*. Then you can build, maintain or repair your favourite wheelset.

(*Sold separately.)

How to Choose the Correct Size Spokes For Your Wheel:

There is no easy way for us to tell you which size spoke you need, every rim/hub/build combination is different. For this reason we recommend these two options:

  • Option 1 (easy): Measure your existing spoke length, from tip to end (including thread)
  • Option 2 (significantly more complicated): Use one of the online spoke length calculators

Spoke Length Tolerance:

As a general rule a 1-2mm tolerance in spoke length is acceptable and rarely effects the build of the wheel. (This of course, goes against the grain for most cycling components whereby sometimes even 0.1mm can be the difference between a perfect fit and not fitting at all.)

Positz Bike Spokes – an Australian Brand Done Well:

Positz bike spokes Australia represent some of the best value products on the market.

Weight 110 g


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